Digital Coaching

For Workforce Professionals Age 50+

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“Now I feel confident and productive in my work”

“I'm informed and connected using my mobile device”

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“I can hold my own when using digital technology”

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“Meeting my colleagues online is easy and enjoyable”

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Enjoy greater confidence while using digital devices and Internet technology!

Personalized one-to-one coaching, small group training, interactive
tutorials and demos, simulations and specialized learning resources.

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Those who are digitally literate are more likely to be economically secure. Many jobs require a working knowledge of computers and the Internet to perform basic functions. More...
Those who are digitally literate are more likely to be economically secure. Many jobs require a working knowledge of computers and the Internet to perform basic functions.
White collar jobs are increasingly performed primarily on digital devices. Many jobs require proof of digital literacy to be hired or promoted. These days, often companies require official certification.
As technology has become cheaper and more readily available, more blue-collar jobs have required digital literacy as well.
Manufacturers and retailers, for example, are expected to collect and analyze data about productivity and market trends to stay competitive.
Construction workers often use computers to increase employee safety.
Job recruiters often use Employment Web Sites to find potential employees, thus magnifying the importance of digital literacy in securing a job.
(Source: Wikipedia)
Starter Topics | Coaching Packages

Beginner Mobile

Omtimizing Email
Contacts & Appointments
Texting, Skype, FaceTime
Browsing the Web
Installing Applications

Social Media

Social Media Options
Creating an Account
Reading/Searching Posts
Posting and (Hash)Tagging

Email Strategies

Optimizing Email
Account Coordination
Smart Folders/Archiving

Digital Networking

Relationship Tracking
Mobile Business Cards
Capturing Contact Data
QR Square Solutions
Location Friendly Apps
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Corporate Training

Corporate Packages
Delivered to groups for up to 20.
Our location or yours.

One Topic: $750
Two Topics: $1000

Travel Charges of $10 per hour +HST
for within 80 km of Toronto
Travel expenses outside of 80km of Toronto: As Incurred

Additional Option: 2 hour Virtual Class (unlimited participants) $500

Portable Presentations

Mobile Strategies
Online Presentations
Sound and Voiceovers
Slide Deck Sharing

Contact Management

Setting Appointments/Tasks
Linking with Contacts
Alarms and Timers
Meeting Invitations
Relationship Management


Webisodes/Internet TV

Collaborating Online

Skype, FaceTime, Hangouts
IM, Texting, Forums
Virtual Meetings/Webinars
Shared Documentation
Project Collaboration

Mastering Audio-Video

Music Library
Camera and Images
Capturing Video
Cloud Configuration
Coordinating Devices

Seeking and Sorting

Using Google
Research Assistance
Organizational Focus

Inbound Marketing

Attracting Customers
Converting Visitors to Leads
Closing the Deal
Delighting your Customers
Creating Effective Workflows

Hardware Strategies

Purchasing Mobile Devices
Provider Pricing Plans
Platform Considerations
Integration and Consolidation
Network Considerations

Web Services (SaaS)

Web Presence
Contact Management
Content Management